[ginger] סרט תעודי על תעשית החלב - אפשר לרכוש תקליטורים



אנחנו מעבירים פניה שהגיעה אלינו על אפשרות לרכישה מוקדמת של עותקים מסרט חדש על תעשיית החלב. הרכישה המוקדמת לא רק מאפשרת לקבל עותק מהסרט, אלא תאפשר את עצם ההוצאה שלו לאור.


נתראה הערב בערב בערבית (19:45 בזנגביל), מחר בסרט "המבוך של פאן" (19:45 בגלריה ברבור, שיריזלי 6, נחלאות) וביום חמישי בערב ההשקה של נקניקי פנורד! (20:00 בזנגביל).




צוות זנגביל


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Got the facts on Milk Logo

March 2011


Film Release - Get your pre-release DVD!! 

 It is about time the film got out. Release obligations have been holding up the film, so 'Got the facts on Milk?' is collaborating with Kickstarter, the internet startup, to conduct an experiment in community-funded film releasing.

Kickstarter is all or nothing: If we cannot secure at least $25,000 in pre-orders by March 25th, release of the film will not go ahead, and you will not be charged, no one will.


Why Kickstart?

This film, which is complete, has been in the making for almost five years. We have won numerous festival awards and are ready to release the film to the public, but in order to do so we need additional funds to pay our our amazing musicians for the rights for their work and purchase E&O insurance. Since we can't wait any longer for our investors to pull through we are turning to our wonderful fans that believe in this film and understand the importance of its message. We like Kickstarter because the all or nothing senario is fair.


Why and what is E&O insurance?

This is insurance that films and television shows must have in order to be presented on broadcast networks, which also protects the film should the dairy industry decide to sue.


Will this film be broadcast on television? It is our goal to make this film available cheaply for broadcasters to show it. This way we have a greater chance for more people to see it.


What is a pre-release DVD?

These DVDs will be sent out before DVDs are available to the public. These maybe the only DVDs available as we strive to be greener and are considering only having a streaming version available for personal use.


Go to our Kickstarter page and pledge for your DVD


 Got the facts on milk - kickstarter


Thank you for the support to all our current backers 

We are at the 48 hour of our mission to raise $25,000 in 20 days and we are already 13% funded. We can not be happier to the amount of enthusiasim towards the project. Thank you all again.

Click here to get your pre-release DVD




Puppy Adoption

  3 month old for adoption


This little 3 month stray rescue needs a home.  She is sweet, affectionate and is already pretty much potty trained.. She would benefit from some training but what puppy wouldn't.  
Please help.....


Jessica twomey


   GTFOM Cow burp GTFOM Cow burp   GTFOM Cow burp    Youtube icon link    GTFOM Cow burp  Shira Lane on Twitter . Kickstarter - Milk Documentary Project


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If you know of someone that should know about "Got the facts on Milk? please do forward this email. 

Dozens of illnesses have been associated with milk consumption: asthma, eczema, breast cancer, acne, colorectal cancer, cprostate cancer, oronary heart disease, dementia, ear infections, acne, kideny stones and this is just to mention a few, yet due to large marketing accounts this vital information doesn't make its way to mainstream media.

Milk is associated with a large number of health hazards. Make yourself a nice cup of tea and Google the word 'milk'. You will be amazed with what you will discover.

By all means don't take our word for it... look it up for yourself, you will only be doing yourself a world of good. 



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